I got a job as Frontend Developer in Bandung. Because this is my first job, I am very excited when I start to enter the office, meet other employees and start conversations.


When I first entered, I underwent a 3-month probationary period. In reality, there wasn't much difference, but during that time, I made efforts to adapt both to the existing code and to my fellow employees since I was working within a team.

I work closely with Project Manager, Backend Developers, UI/UX Designers, and other Frontend Developers. I also had the opportunity to attend a meeting with the client to discuss a number of things.

After the Probationary Period

After the probationary period had concluded, I formally joined one of the teams, namely the Phase 2 team.

This team is responsible for working on several modules of the Cash Management System web application currently being developed. My responsibility is to create the interface in line with the design and integrate it with APIs developed by the Backend Developer team.

Technology Used in Frontend

In terms of the technology itself, it's not significantly different from what I learned during the bootcamp at Jabar Coding Camp and also during the internship at eFishery.

  1. TypeScript
  2. Next.js
  3. NX
  4. Tailwind CSS


There are numerous challenges I encounter here, particularly when collaborating within a team comprising a large number of members. This is also closely tied to code management. I'm striving to adapt to the existing code, enhance its usability, and ensure its readability for other developers.

The time allocated for the development period was rather limited, not to mention the unforeseen bugs that extended the time required for their resolution. However, all these challenges were overcome thanks to the assistance provided by senior team members and other colleagues.


  1. Slicing UI
  2. Integration API
  3. Deployment to Staging and Production
  4. Collaborate with cross-functional teams
  5. Ship a high quality code and result with minimum bug deployed to production

Here is a list of modules that I have worked on:

  1. Bank Guarantee Mapping Module
  2. Bank Guarantee Issuing Module
  3. Payroll Transfer Module
  4. Internal Fund Transfer Module
  5. Bulk Transfer Module
  6. RTGS Transfer Module
  7. Kliring Transfer Module
  8. BI-FAST Transfer Module

Thank You PT. Orde Digital Intelektual (Ordent)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join, work together, and be the first foothold for my career.

I am very grateful because in addition to the knowledge gained during the collaboration process, a friendship relationship is also formed.

Thank you.