Intern as a Frontend Developer at PT. Multidaya Teknologi Nusantara (eFishery)


During the last month of the Jabar Coding Camp program, participants like myself engaged in internships with various Jabar Coding Camp partner companies. In this phase, I was specifically placed at eFishery, working within the Feeder Ops section as a Frontend Developer for a span of 3 months.

Acquisition of New Technological Knowledge

The internship provided a plethora of invaluable experiences that have greatly enriched my skill set. I had the privilege of acquiring proficiency in several new technologies:

  1. Implementation of NX for monorepo development
  2. Exploring React Native
  3. Familiarity with Express.js
  4. Immersive Learning in Agile Deployment

Throughout the internship, I was exposed to the principles of Agile Deployment, allowing me to gain insight into efficient development and deployment workflows.

My Role and Activities During the Internship

One of my prominent responsibilities during the internship was enhancing the eFishery Internal Dashboard and FTS Tools App. Specifically, I worked on implementing a feature termed the "Expired Ticket", which automatically manages tickets to expired status after longer than 30 days.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to integrate webviews into the mobile application. Although the task was ostensibly straightforward, I encountered challenges during the setup and execution phases.

Completion and Graduation

After dedicating three months to the internship program, I proudly graduated with a wealth of insights and valuable relationships. As part of my graduation requirements, I was entrusted with the task of crafting a presentation. For those interested, the presentation can be accessed at

Gratitude and Closing Thoughts

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in the Jabar Coding Camp, particularly to the organizing committee and eFishery for this transformative journey. These experiences have further ignited my passion for coding and technology.

Thank you.