Intern as a Staff Kapus Evaluasi Mutu (LPPPM) at the Indonesia Defense University


At the beginning of the semester, 11th graders are required to carry out a three-month internship as one of the graduation requirements. The place for my internship was determined by the school, and I was placed at the Indonesia Defense University, specifically at the Head of the LPPPM Quality Evaluation Center.


To be honest, all internships have nothing to do with programming lessons at all. even closer to the work of office staff, such as preparing letters, printing letters, receiving letters, attending meetings with superiors. etc.

But it doesn't matter to me. instead, it made me think how to make these jobs done easily and quickly with programming. This is also related to one of the school's requirements, namely requiring students to make 1 product from a problem they get during an internship.

So from that, I took one of the problems, namely when I helped the Lecturer Evaluation by Students activity in Indonesian it is called Evaluasi Dosen Oleh Mahasiswa (EDOM). I noticed a drawback where, at that time, the activity was still using Google Forms, and the results needed further processing to make the collected data easily readable.


Without much thought, I decided to submit the title of my internship report, which essentially discusses a solution for making the processing of large and complicated respondent data easier by creating a questionnaire system using web technology.

The title of my internship report is "Penerapan Sistem Evaluasi Dosen Oleh Mahasiswa (EDOM) Berbasis Web".

The technologies I used to create it are:

  1. Laravel
  2. Vue.js
  3. Tailwind CSS
  4. MySQL

I believe the results from the questionnaire system that I created are sufficient to solve the problems that I have described previously. The respondents' data does not need to be reprocessed because it is directly processed, and the report is generated directly by the system.

I lost the source code on my old laptop (I didn't use GitHub at that time). But now, I'm trying to recreate it as closely as possible. I will do my best!

Thank you.